Harnessing inspiration from the natural world

Nature is everything.

Without it there would be no us, for we are embedded within the natural world. But relentless human interference means that Nature's resilience is wearing thin. In order to reverse declining wildlife populations, we need to first reconnect with the mesmerising biodiversity all around us. The Moth Collection is an attempt at showcasing the surprising and kaleidoscopic variety of moths.

Every purchase will help to fund moth and butterfly conservation projects in the UK

Our mission statement

Having coined Wren & Bee from the middle names of our twin daughters, this family venture expresses our passion for the natural world in artistic form. Our young children compelled us to act in some small way amidst a climate emergency that will thwart the opportunities of successive generations much more than our own.

While the issues facing our planet and all of its residents are undoubtedly grave, this should not deter individual efforts. The right to be accurately informed about the scientific facts is fundamental, but sound logical reasoning, while essential, can only take us so far. We must also reconnect our creative right cerebral hemispheres with the mysterious and mythical aspects of Nature.

By collectively restoring our intricately evolved relationship with the natural world, an incentivised and compassionate crowd can bring about change anew. We believe this all begins with our communal reconnection with the surprising variety of organisms on our doorsteps.

In this hectic and uncertain world, we encourage all to set a little time aside for our natural neighbours and be rewarded with the perfect mix of vitality, solace and intrigue.

Suzi & James Bashford   

Here we are enjoying the Scottish coastline on the remote and spectacular Camas Mòr beach

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